A catalogue of recent Works

I have finally completed a 23-page colour catalogue of recent works to be made available at my Artereal gallery solo exhibition, “Bully” – opening 6pm Wednesday 7th of December! The catalogue features selected ceramic sculptures and mixed media works on paper from 2013-2016, including new works in my “Bully” exhibition. It also includes an introductory essay […]

“Bully”- thoughts on my upcoming exhibition

  With my solo exhibition at Artereal Gallery coming up in December,  I have been busy creating a new series of small works on paper to accompany the larger framed works that will be on display.  The exhibition will open on Wednesday 7th of December and run for 3 weeks. The exhibition is called “Bully”, which is […]

Vegan fast food chain!

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Christian and I asked the concierge for a vegetarian dinner recommendation last night and lo and behold there is a vegan fast-food place a few minutes walk from the Hotel. I found myself initially a bit repelled by the idea as “fast-food” does not usually equate with healthy food. When we arrived at the joint […]

Moral Schizophrenia

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In our relationship to other animals, humans have established a culture of contradiction and denial, exhibiting what professor Gary Francione has coined “Moral Schizophrenia”. Many of us will happily say that we love animals whilst we also love eating them, entrapping them, forcing them to provide transport, sport, entertainment, torturing them in the name of […]

Minding Animals Conference Utrecht July 3 – 6

This was my first conference and I found it such a stimulating and thought provoking experience that I know i will be attending many more of such events! But of course it helps that animal studies is a field I am passionate about.  It was nice to be around so many like-minded vegan and vegetarian […]