Introducing Anne Pincus and Iris Schabert

With the extra no-travel and minimal teaching hours up my sleeve I have written a 3-person exhibition proposal to submit to galleries in and around Munich. The other 2 Munich –based artists, whose work I love, are Anne Pincus  and Iris Schabert .  A bit of background: Anne Pincus is a painter originally from Melbourne, […]

“Is it fair?” – Animal Fanfair essay

The touring exhibition “AnimalFanfair”, which features the work of 10 Australian artists, is currently on display at Lapunyah Art Gallery in Queensland, Australia.  The exhibition examines our problematic treatment of animals and the environment,  raising questions about justice, ethics, sustainability, and human accountability.  The artists are Katka Adams, Marian Drew, Hayden Fowler, Kelly Hussey-Smith, Owen Hutchison, Claude Jones (myself), Sam Leach, […]

Inspired by “Trashed” – the movie

Posted by on Mar 3, 2015 in environment, recycling, trash

After watching Jeremy Iron’s documentary film “Trashed” in January, I felt pretty doom and gloom about how the planet is faring. It’s a good film to watch in that it really does uncover the gritty truth about the worlds overwhelming waste production and our non-environmentally friendly means of disposing of this ever-increasing problem. Its not […]