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Happy New Year! 2020 sounds so futuristic doesn’t it? I do like the sound of this lovely, even, double-number-year much more than the year 2019. As with the dawning of each New Year, I have many resolutions, which I often struggle to adhere to, but this year feels different. I have discovered some practical strategies […]

Return to Sydney and The Other Art Fair Melbourne

The engine jets were humming away, the vents were blowing super cold air, it was dark around me as most were sleeping or watching their 3rd or 4th film and I had just had a restless 7-hour sleep – my flight neighbour and I taking turns lying on the 2 spare seats between us. (lucky […]

Bully – an assessment

Whilst it was definitely odd not being present at my solo exhibition, Bully, I think it still went fairly well, all things considered. I certainly received quite a bit of publicity – Veg news, Calendar for artists, Ian Potter Cultural Trust  Urbanwalkabout and Blouinartinfo.  I was especially pleased to get a story in “Veg news” […]

“Is it fair?” – Animal Fanfair essay

The touring exhibition “AnimalFanfair”, which features the work of 10 Australian artists, is currently on display at Lapunyah Art Gallery in Queensland, Australia.  The exhibition examines our problematic treatment of animals and the environment,  raising questions about justice, ethics, sustainability, and human accountability.  The artists are Katka Adams, Marian Drew, Hayden Fowler, Kelly Hussey-Smith, Owen Hutchison, Claude Jones (myself), Sam Leach, […]

Back in Sydney

I am so excited to have been offered a position as sessional screenprint teacher at The National Art School in Sydney. This was the first art school I studied at and i loved it. I have always thought of The National Art School as a brilliant place to learn the hands on practical skills required for developing one’s art […]

New work in Artereal anniversary exhibition

On the 6th of April Artereal gallery opened their doors to the 2nd chapter of their 10-year anniversary exhibitions. These group exhibitions titled” “Artereal X/I” and now “Artereal X/II” are a celebration of the art and artists they represent. If you haven’t checked it out yet the current “X/II” exhibition is on until the end of […]

“Fowl play” – child sized version

This child -sized ceramic sculpture was completed for inclusion in the “Animalised” exhibition at See Street Gallery, Meadowbank, Sydney, Australia as part of the Hungry for Art festival last year. The mayor mentioned the work during his speech at the opening night of the exhibition commenting particularly on how much work had gone into it…and he’s […]

Moreton Bay Art Prize

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“Gun Culture”, a  large mixed media work from my Monkey Business series  has been selected for the 2013 Moreton Bay Art Prize. This will be the 5th time one of my works has been selected for this award exhibition. I won the prize in 2010 and at the award event night I met Karen Tyler who […]

Moral Schizophrenia

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In our relationship to other animals, humans have established a culture of contradiction and denial, exhibiting what professor Gary Francione has coined “Moral Schizophrenia”. Many of us will happily say that we love animals whilst we also love eating them, entrapping them, forcing them to provide transport, sport, entertainment, torturing them in the name of […]

Small canvas works finished

I have now finished a set of small works on canvas 25 x 25 cm each. Some of these will be included in solo exhibition at Nopx Gallery in Turin next February. There will also be drawings and sculptures. All the works will be smallish as the gallery is not huge. One of the […]

Minding Animals Conference Utrecht July 3 – 6

This was my first conference and I found it such a stimulating and thought provoking experience that I know i will be attending many more of such events! But of course it helps that animal studies is a field I am passionate about.  It was nice to be around so many like-minded vegan and vegetarian […]


Well its been a  good year for getting my work into the bigger art prize finalist exhibitions so  far with the Sulman at the AGNSW and  The 37th Alice Prize accepting my paintings and now news that The Melbourne Sculpture Prize have accepted my goat-fox-deer hybrid sculpture-Cervine bovidae!  All of these works have been my […]

The cruelty of kangaroo culling

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I had no idea that the “culling” of kangaroos was so horrendously cruel or so large scale. Millions are slaughtered annually. They are shot at night and whilst they are supposed to be killed with a single blow to the head this is often not the case. There is plenty of miss shooting going on […]