Moral Schizophrenia

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In our relationship to other animals, humans have established a culture of contradiction and denial, exhibiting what professor Gary Francione has coined “Moral Schizophrenia”. Many of us will happily say that we love animals whilst we also love eating them, entrapping them, forcing them to provide transport, sport, entertainment, torturing them in the name of […]

Minding Animals Conference Utrecht July 3 – 6

This was my first conference and I found it such a stimulating and thought provoking experience that I know i will be attending many more of such events! But of course it helps that animal studies is a field I am passionate about.  It was nice to be around so many like-minded vegan and vegetarian […]

Hunting fair game?

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Hunting has far reaching origins in the history of humanity but the hunting of today is a very different activity than the subsistence hunting of primordial man. Modern day hunting perhaps with the exclusion of current ‘subsistence’ hunting, is considered a “sport” and as such comes complete with specific rules, attire and accouterments. Whilst primordial […]

The cruelty of kangaroo culling

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I had no idea that the “culling” of kangaroos was so horrendously cruel or so large scale. Millions are slaughtered annually. They are shot at night and whilst they are supposed to be killed with a single blow to the head this is often not the case. There is plenty of miss shooting going on […]

Quotes by brilliant people

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Animal factories are one more sign of the extent to which our technological capacities have advanced faster than our ethics. -Peter Singer, philosopher, professor of bioethics (1946- ) Until he extends the circle of his compassion to all living things, man will not himself find peace. -Albert Schweitzer, philosopher, physician, and musician (Nobel 1952) There’s […]