2 weeks “Managed isolation”

Posted by on Dec 15, 2020 in Animals

Tuesday 15th of December and just 4 more days of “managed isolation” to go. Life in our 12th floor hotel room has been quite comfortable so far, except for the fact that we cant can’t go outside whenever we please and that we have no windows that open. We are at the Grand Millennium hotel […]


Posted by on Sep 21, 2020 in Animals

I am excited to announce that our group exhibition application has already been successfuL We ( myself, Anne Pincus and Iris Schabert) will be exhibiting together at Gallerie Michael Heudfelder in Munich next summer! All that hard work creating a beautiful, catalogue-quality application has  paid off! We are still awaiting responses from other galleries which […]

Introducing Anne Pincus and Iris Schabert

With the extra no-travel and minimal teaching hours up my sleeve I have written a 3-person exhibition proposal to submit to galleries in and around Munich. The other 2 Munich –based artists, whose work I love, are Anne Pincus  and Iris Schabert .  A bit of background: Anne Pincus is a painter originally from Melbourne, […]

Change can indeed be good

Posted by on May 27, 2020 in Art, teaching, Travel

As the Corona virus extended it bat-fuelled wings, impacting our lives in ways that only epidemiologists and the like could have previously conceived, it became increasingly apparent that plans for the immediate future were no longer probabilities but rather flimsy possibilities. The relative certainly that one could go to work, to a concert, a restaurant, […]

Back to the art blog..at last

Happy New Year! 2020 sounds so futuristic doesn’t it? I do like the sound of this lovely, even, double-number-year much more than the year 2019. As with the dawning of each New Year, I have many resolutions, which I often struggle to adhere to, but this year feels different. I have discovered some practical strategies […]